In memory of Joe Mei-Christopher

Joe’s crematorium service is available online UNTIL THIS FRIDAY (21st June) for those who were unable to make it in person or would like to see it again.

It can be viewed online using Internet Explorer only (not Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox etc). You must have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your browser.


1. After the funeral has ended go to the following site:

2. Use the following details to log in: Order ID (Login): 17981 Password: atxajfys 

3. Ensure that you click ‘I agree to the Terms and Conditions’

4. Click ‘Login and View Webcast’

This will take you straight to the webcast.


This site is a tribute to Joe Mei-Christopher who sadly passed away on Monday 20th May 2019.

Please share your pictures, videos, music and memories of him, by clicking 'contribute' on the menu, I know he was so special to so many people.

Thank you so much for everything that has been posted so far, I am so glad to see wonderful memories being shared. It's making this awful time a little easier to bear to feel the love others had for him.  I forgot to hand round the memory book at the funeral reception, so if you were there and had something that sprung to mind, please share it here!

Feel free to contact me through this site if you would like to message privately.

Louise (Joe's Mum) <3 



Although we had not kept in touch in recent years, Joe did have quite the impact on my life. When I was 6 years old I moved to England from Texas because of my dad’s job and was forced to join a new school in a place where I felt very alone. On my first few days of year 2 at Thomas A Becket, I met Joe who was very friendly and kind to me when others like to poke fun at my very different texan accent because I was the “American kid”. His fun loving spirit always had me laughing and he never failed to make me feel welcomed and valued in our friendship even at our young age, from the good times walking home from school to inviting me to his super cool birthday party at Chessington Theme Park. He was also my only friend to move with me to Downsbrook from TAB for middle school and from there our friendship only became stronger. My 5 short years in England, from Years 2-6 in school, are still very dear to my heart and a lot of that is because of the countless amazing memories I have from then, many including Joe’s awesomeness. Joe is beyond one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had, and it breaks my heart that I won’t get to catch back up with him one of these days when I finally get to go back and visit England again, but I know the fun loving Joe I knew wouldn’t want anything more than for me to be happy doing the things I love. Rest easy buddy. I love you my dear friend and will always cherish the memories we shared. -Scott Kittlitz
Sent by Scott on 14/06/2019
Thank you so much Joe for being there for me. I knew I could always talk to you about anything and that you'd always be able to make me laugh. Without you, I wouldn't have joined such a good group of friends at Worthing High and made so many amazing memories. You were always so respected amongst so many different groups of people and I looked up to you for that. Thank you for making me smile and allowing me to be myself around you. I couldn't have asked for a better friend.
Sent by Adam on 05/06/2019
Joe never failed to make me smile every time I saw him, he was truly a beautiful boy x Scarlett
Sent by Scarlett on 02/06/2019
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